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George's Letters: 12-8-1942

Tues December 8, 1942
Tuesday Evening

Darling George,
   Hi, Sweetheart! How goes it? Better than it does here with me, I hope! I’m in bed right now with a heck of a cold and a slight touch of the flu. I went from work over to the doctor and he sent me home to go to bed in order to save me from having pneumonia in the morning. The cold feels like it is on my chest or else it is going down there fast, anyhow, when my mother gets through with me tonite there won’t be any chance for a cold to hang around me.
   My nose is so darned sore it is going to get up and walk off my face if I have to blow it much more. Well, anyhow, I’ve got to be all over this cold by Thursday of this week because I have to sing a solo, “The Birthday of a King”, for the Cedar Rebecca Lodge. I sang the same solo for church last Sunday. Everybody said it sounded swell, so I guess it will be all right for Thursday nite. Well, so much for that!
   You should be here with me. I’m in bed on the davenport downstairs (the davenport unfolds into a bed). I’ve got a pound box of miniature chocolates setting beside me, so I guess I’ll be filled up for a while. You should really have some, they are really good! No kiddin’! Either! My six yr old brother is laying here beside me and he also has a heck of a cold and he was home all day from school, however, he is sound asleep now.
   I went up to danceland last nite and heard and danced to (or tried to), Alvin Rey’s orchestra. They were really good and that place was just packed. Those King sisters are a scream. The whole darned orchestra was a riot. I’m getting so I don’t give a darn about going up there or any place else either! I sure wish you were here so I could enjoy myself again for a change. No kiddin’! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed myself as much as I did those two nites I was with you. I’m not foolin’ one bit either!
   I went over yesterday and put my application in for work at Collin’s radio plant. My interview is dated for next Monday morning. I sure hope they put me on out there. It will be so much better than working at the dime store.
   Whoops! I had to stop and take a whiff of this “Vick’s inhaler”. My nose is all stopped up and so is my head. Of course, my head could be stopped up and it wouldn’t hurt anything else as there isn’t anything in there that works anyhow so it can’t hurt anything by being stopped up. Gee, my eyes hurt so bad I can hardly see, so I guess I’ll have to stop this and get it ready to mail. 
   Don’t forget to write an answer to these letters, little one. I haven’t had a letter from you for a week now.
   Got to go now. See you later! (I really mean it!)

Lots of love & Kisses,

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