Thursday, March 10, 2011

3-9-11: Test Shots with Nelle

Test shots for the Les Dames 1970's themed playground photo shoot at Happy Hollow Park. Model: Nelle Dunlap


dawn said...

What did you use to create the vintage / technicolor look of the first photo? It's fabulous!

Heather Lucille said...

For this set I used a an effect in Picnik called "1960's" which makes your digital photo look like a 1960's (and 1970's) film snapshot - the warm unsaturated tones. These look like photos I have of myself with my grandparents at the park in the early 70's!

dawn said...

Ah, I am familiar with that :)

lauren carney said...

Oh golly, you're blog is swell!
it's so colourful and sweet - like a little frosted cupcake!
I feel rather inspired from the photos!
Thanks for sharing!
ex oh ex oh