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George's Letters: 12-13-1942

December 13, 1942
Sunday Evening

Dear Darling!

   Hello, Sweetheart! How are you on this fine evening? Swell, I hope! I’ve still got my cold and from the way I sound I’ll probably have it for quite some time too. I sound absolutely awful and anybody that talks to me probably thinks I’m mad at them from the way I sound. Well, so much for the way I sound!
  I’m going to answer all of the questions in your letter of the seventh! Yes, I do have a chance to fall asleep at work, but why should I, when I stay home at night and get plenty of sleep? You wanted to know what a good girl was, well, I’m one! What do you mean, “you think I could be persuaded”? For your information I don’t do any dating at all! I have even turned over a new leaf! I don’t go to the Sunday nite dances any more. No, I don’t turn your picture around when I undress! I’m glad you don’t smoke, then that makes two of us that don’t! And if you make up your mind to it, you won’t either before the war is over. Please don’t change your English even though the rest of the boys do. Yes, we still have our snow and this morning it was ten degrees below zero. I still haven’t had a chance to go sledding or skating yet this Winter! But I will - eventually! Wouldn’t you like to know what I’ll be all set for with a pair of pajamas? Probably for a good nite’s sleep. What do people usually do in a pair of pajamas? Yes, darling, you pop up while I’m trying to concentrate (which isn’t often)! Well, darling, that is all the questions in that letter, so now I’ll start on the one of the ninth! Yes, sweetheart I dooooooooo enjoy your letters and I keep every one of them to read when I get down in the dumps! They are so much help, I just pretend while I’m reading them that you are sitting beside me talking to me and making me love you more and more. Which you don’t have to try very hard to do. Yes, you see, I’m a good girl in spite of the “butterflies in my tummy”. (I had to take time off to peel an orange. I’ve already eaten a pound of soda crackers!) I wish you were here so you could see how I missed you! I’m certainly glad you are interested in knowing how much I miss you! Sweetheart!
   Well, if I hadn't of had the good idea of bringing you (illegible word) to (illegible word) table I probably wouldn't have ever met you? Right!? I can hardly wait to show you what I intend to "collect on delivery", but I am afraid you will have to wait and find out. What do you mean, "I'll have myself convinced that I miss you pretty soon if I'm not careful?" You know I ---- well how much I miss you and don't try to convince yourself differently either! See!! If I were you fellows, I would find out from the commanding officer just what the penalty was, that you would get for knocking the tar out of those fellows that came in at about 3 o'clock in the morning and woke you up! Then I would "mop the decks" with all six of them! Boy, would I have fun! Never mind chasing them guys up over here, I got enough to worry about, let alone having a bunch of (illegible word) sailors around! What do you mean by me losing "a couple of pounds"? Goodnite, I'm down to 127 # now and I can't even keep my clothes on they are all so big. I'm going to have to start putting on weight so that I can keep my clothes on. I certainly would look funny without any on, especially, on the streets! Yes, I can stand the zero weather - those other four letters were going to Chicago and every one of them were to girls. Just idle gossip is all I ever write to any of them. Yes, I do think of only you and how much I wish you were here with me, as I wish I was with you. Yes, I can read your thoughts between the lines of your letters and I'm glad that they are what they are. (over)
   Little darling, I'm 16 yes. old. Born Sept. 22, 1923 and I'm 5' 3 1/2" tall, 127 3 , brown eyes, brown eyes, and (false teeth and a wooden leg! Ha! Ha!)(Yes, I'm "sweet sixteen and never been kissed!") Ha! Ha! Didn't you kiss me! More than once! I'll never forget the last one! Or the rest of them either! I do like the cold weather. I certainly wish you were up here for all the weather and not just part of it either! The church bazaar was a big success! Yes, I can read the hen scratching as you call it!
   Now for some extra news on the side. I had to sing two solo's this last week. One for church Sunday morning last and one for the Cedar Rebecca lodge on Tuesday nite. I go tomorrow for an interview out at collins radio plant to see if I can get on out there! I sure hope I do. I want to get something good for a change. I'll probably have to work nights but I won't care as long as I know I'm doing my share to help win this war. You will get your package sometime this week or the first part of next week and don't you dare open it before Xmas. Do you hear? If you do you will get a whippin'! I'm embroidering the prettiest white & red checked luncheon set for my aunt in Chicago. My grandmother is paying me the whole outfits. Oh, by the way, she got her pension this last week and boy was she happy. That is all she really lived for. My girlfriend got me the cutest (illegible word) hat for Xmas but I don't know what else I will get. I do know what I want though! I want a gold bracelet with an elastic band and a large round compact for powder. Not much, is it?
   Well, sweetheart it is 9:35 P.M. and I've been up since a quarter of eight getting this thing written and I've got my hair to fix and my nails to polish yet, so I'll have to quit for now. See you later, sweetheart!

With all my love and all my kisses,

P.S. Gee, I miss you! Darling.

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