Friday, March 4, 2011

George's Letters: 12-24,25-1942

December 24, 1942

Dear George!
   Merry Xmas! Sweetheart! This may be the day before Xmas but by the time you get it, it will probably be New Year's day.
   For heaven's sake, why haven't you written to me. I've just about went "Frantic"!!! waiting for a letter from you. Everyday when the mail man comes around I'm right there to see if I got a letter from you. Did you get the package I sent to you? If so, how did you like them and were they in good condition? I certainly hope so.
   I have some very good news for you. I started to work last Monday night at Collins Radio Company. I work from 5 til one o'clock in the morning. I'm in the shipping dept. and we aren't very busy right now. We just finished an order for spare parts for radios for the navy. These things go all the way to Africa. Any how, the five girls in that dept. work so fast that they can't keep up with us. Well, so much for that! Now, you know what I do all evening. I don't have to work Xmas nite so I guess I'll go to danceland for a change. I don't have to work New Year's eve, either.I don't know what I'll do then. Any how that is too far ahead for me to say just what I'm going to do just yet.
   Well, I'm going to have to finish this later, as this little war worker has to get ready to go to work. See you later!
   Behave yourself at that U.S.O. dance tonite, and leave those southern babes alone? Do you hear?!
December 25th, 1942 3:00pm
   Merry X-mas! For sure this time my dear sweetheart! I got the most wonderful Xmas present of all by getting your letter when I got home this morning. After I read it I went to be and bawled myself to sleep because I wanted to be near you so badly during the holidays. I couldn't hardly stand it while the girls on the assembly line were singing carols last nite. You will never know just how much I do miss you and I do love you until we get to see each other again. I'm glad that the package arrived o.k. and that you liked them. I don't know that it is just a good thing that you are not here. Boy, if you were here would I be the happiest girl on earth. No kiddin' either! Yes, darling, I hadn't had a letter from you for two weeks until this one I got last nite. I was afraid that you had all ready been shipped out and I was just petrified every time I thought of it. Boy, you sure have it easy, sitting around in the lounge like that are you (illegible word). How was your Xmas dinner? Fine I hope. Have you still got your negro to guard.
   Yes, my darling I knew what you meant by being persuaded but I was just curios as to know what you would say about it. Maybe I wouldn't be bad or at least not mind ii (being bad) if you were here to receive me for being bad. (How about it kid?) No, I don't imagine I look any different than most women when they haven't any clothes on. Maybe you do know and just are bashful and won't say anything about it. Oh ya! If I had you here, I sure would paddle you for opening that box. Ha! Ha! Darling, I enjoy your not getting me any thing for Xmas, because what you did do with your money was a lot more sense! I was more thrilled to think that you bought those two $100 war bonds. Darling, I'd have been very disappointed if I had received any thing from you then found out later that you were going to spend the money for war bonds, besides, they'll do both of us a lot more good.
   Well, now for what the old (illegible word) got me. I got two prs of the most beautiful pink silk pajamas and I proceeded to put one on and I'm going to save the other pair, to wear when I get to go on my trip. In case you are still in the U.S. or even home, I'll wear them when I come to see you! Oh joy! I can hardly wait to wear them. I got a lovely yellow moonstone ring from the lady I used to work for. A small wooden pin, a wooden bracelet, a bottle of "Tweed" perfume. Boy, does it smell. I put some on this letter so you can smell it. (arrow) The perfume is here. Have a whiff so you will know what I smell like. A gold soft chain necklace, a teddy bear pin, and a corsage of red white & blue flowers, nail polish and polish remover, and a real fancy sachet for my closet. Any how I didn't get the compact or the bracelet, so I guess I'll just have to buy them myself.
   Well, darling, I'm very much relieved that I heard from you, but I do wish that you were here with me. My sweet. I've got to end this now and go up stairs and get dressed, it is now 4:30 and I should be asleep. Any how, my smallest brother got an airplane that runs in water so me & the two boys are going up and play in the bath tub in the water with the airplane. Got to go now and please don't wait so long the next time to write.
   Good-bye for now, my dear darling, and I really mean it too. With all the love that any girl could possibly give to the fellow she loves. See you later. Sweetheart! 
   All my love from the bottom of my heart. If I had you here I would kiss you and love you to pieces. Lots of love,

(written in margin at bottom of page)
The Xmas card was very cute and the picture was very good & sweet too.


Jill said...

These keep getting better and better! I think I am a little jealous of her Christmas gifts.

Heather Lucille said...

Me too - I was thinking the same thing! I am completely jealous of her X-mas presents.