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George's Letters: 1-21-1943

Geo. E. Barghart, S 1/C U.S.N.R.
U.S.S. Token
c/o Postmaster
New York, New York

Jan. 21, 1943

My darling George, 
   Well, sweet, I don't feel very well, but I don't suppose I should complain. I went up to the dentist after work tonite and had the last six teeth pulled. One wisdom tooth and the five lower front ones. I only yelled and bawled but no kiddin' darling, that really hurt. My jaws still hurt and now I'm absolutely toothless. Really, darling, when you come home you won't even know me. I'll be all fixed up and just like new. I probably won't even look like myself. Gee, darling, I'll send you a picture of my new teeth! Ha! Ha!
   They took my mother to the hospital this evening about 6:15 to be operated on tomorrow morning at 10:00 A.M. They are going to operate on her for another gallstone that they didn't know was there until the other operation that she had for the same thing was all healed up. Any how, she is going to come out all right.
   I'm on days this month so now I get quite a bit done in the evening, but now I'll have to work harder than ever, but I guess
I can stand a little of it providing my mother gets well. (I don't even get to go anywhere but who cares I don't)
   Gee, honey, the company is having their midwinter party Saturday nite at the (illegible word), and I don't know yet whether or not I'll go. I sure would like too! I certainly wish you were here to go with me. Gee, would we have fun, but darling, I'll just pray that this is all over very soon and that you will be home very soon and then maybe, as you said once before, I can persuaded to be a bad girl. But I don't know. It all depends on how I feel then but I certainly know I won't feel any different then than I do now. Say, darling, my face hurts like mad and my eyes hurt and I'm just about asleep. Besides, I don't know any more news only the fact that I still love you and certainly wish you were here instead of there and that I'll be waiting and writing until you are.
   I've got to go now and hope to hear from you soon. Lots of Good Luck on your adventures, darling.

With all my love to my darling sweetheart, George Sailor , first class.


It was only 22 degrees before the other morning when I went to work and it stayed that way for a couple of days. It is warmer now though.

P.S. I love you, darling

The U.S.S. Token was commissioned on Dec 31, 1942 (placed into active service) and moved from Alabama to New York. The address change above is where George's letters are addressed until otherwise noted.

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