Thursday, January 27, 2011

Polaroid Land Camera Model 95A + Accessories

Here is the latest addition to my Polaroid camera collection! It is a Speedliner Land Camera Model 95A. This version was made between 1954 and 1957. This camera is a real beauty and in almost mint condition. The camera case is a leather embossed to look like ostrich - very fancy!

The camera and all of these instructional manuals and accessories came in a brown leather Polaroid "Master Case". Originally the case and the other accessories were sold separately.

Polaroid Filter Kit #541 - "exciting special effects with clouds, reflections, distant scenery."

Close-Up Lens Kit #540 - "Built-in steel measuring tape gives correct adjustments for camera focus and lens attachment."

Polaroid - G.E. Exposure Meter, PR-22 - "Compact photoelectric meter makes correct exposure simple and certain."

Various instructional, informative pamphlets including How To Make Good Pictures with your Polaroid Speedliner Land Camera Model 95A" were I got the info quoted above. Sadly the Flash Gun is missing from the set - I'll have to look for a replacement.

There are conversions to allow use of 120 film for this model which I will be researching. I saw one that used Legos! Do any of you readers have any advice on converting to a 120 format?


dawn said...

Ooh, I has one of those! But I don't have all the fancy gadgets with mine, except for a flash and some manuals. What kind of film will it accept? Is it 620, by chance? I just got a bunch of 620 spools from University Camera to re-spool some 120 film to use in my Argus twin lens reflex, and also picked up a film changing bag from there (for FREE!). I haven't actually tried the re-spooling yet, so we could adventure down this road together!

Heather Lucille said...

Dawn - I saw an alteration for 120, but I haven't started researching conversions much yet. It seems like a good project for us to collaborate on! I'll stay in contact with you about it for sure! :)