Saturday, January 22, 2011

1-20-11 WIWT (What I Wore Today)

Thursday was a real bone-chiller here so I thought I'd try to warm-up, and fun-up my day, with a lil bit o' electric citron themed eye make-up. The eye shadow is a 10 color intense palette I bought at Claire's (I know!) for use at Halloween. The key to this look is a liberal dose of anti-crease eye shadow primer - I like Too Faced "Shadow Insurance".

* Red knit billed hat - Ann Taylor via The Second Act
* White cotton men's tank top - Target
* White cotton tee shirt - Gap
* Pink cardigan sweater - Old Navy (thrifted)
* Grey wool men's cardigan - thrifted
* Heathered empire waist sweater dress - Calvin Klein via TJ Maxx

* Black cotton tights - Gap
* Black cotton tights - Target (yeah - it's two pairs of tights cold)
* Mismatched cotton socks - Target
* Thick wool knit socks - ??? 
* Black leather fringe lace-up boots - Artifacts

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