Saturday, January 29, 2011

Clown Birthday Banner (Easy "How To" Included)

Stencil word banners are one of my favorite things to make - they just add so much whimsy to any occasion! When I saw this clown themed photographic educational card series at Artifacts (only 50 cents each!) I knew I had to make a clown themed banner for Stevie's birthday. (Yes, it's a tad J.W.G Jr)
1. Choose a stencil set in the size of your choice and trace the needed letters. I used my 5" set here but how darling would a mini banner be? 
2. Carefully cut out letters on an appropriate surface such as a self-healing mat or a piece of old cardboard. My preferred tool for cutting is an Exact-O knife, although small paper scissors work too.
3. Punch two holes in the top of each letter or flag and string in reverse order with ribbon, twine, etc. Helpful hint: leave your self extra length for hanging.
4. Hang banner and arrange letters evenly. 
5. Enjoy!


Kit Palaskas said...

Thank you for this! I absolutely love letter banners too, and bunting. I've made a few myself, we should do a swap! x

Heather Lucille said...

Kit - I would be honoured and delighted to do a swap! Woo-hoo!

Matt said...

what a fantastic and wonderfully creepy birthday banner!

Heather Lucille said...

Thank you, Matt. That is a perfect description of it I think!