Monday, January 31, 2011

1-29-11: Stevie's Birthday - Presents

To make the little Huckleberry photo frame flair I cut a Polaroid I had taken with my SX-70 to fit in the sticker frame (which was from a scrapbooking sticker pack I've had for years). The wood grain gift tag is contact paper applied to a manila folder scrap.

For this present I tucked a paper frame (SX-70 image size) I made with a Polaroid of our dog Buddy under the plaid ribbon. The paper for the frame is a hi-lo mix of thrifted manila folder and fancy handmade paper from the art supply store. I also used vintage photo corners, rubber stamp letters and a color photocopy of an antique label.

This really was a fragile glass gift - I have a huge packet of those vintage mailing stickers which are not only practical but look good too! The guinea pig gift tag was from the same educational set as the clowns for the banner. I stamped him with my typewriter letter, isn't he the cutest? I love his widdle feet and kooky hair.

The portraits of our dogs Buddy & Huckleberry were wrapped in the guinea pig tag package. Aren't they handsome in their little yellow bows? Did you know you can order prints from Snapfish and pick them up at your local Walgreen's usually within an hour? It is genius! The document frames are from K-Mart - $15.99 each.

A wind-up birthday robot from my parents to Stevie. Clearly it is going to steal our prescription medications for fuel! Beep-beep-boop!


Linzee said...

Stevie is a lucky man. These are such great gifts and the wrapping rivals the presents!

Heather Lucille said...

Thank you Linzee! Am I sick-o that I l-o-v-e wrapping presents? :)