Monday, May 23, 2011

Tickle My Keys : Sign for the Northside Public Piano

The list of local Northside businesses that donated to the project is handwritten on vintage penmanship pratice paper, the paper frame layers are made from old manila folders and a sheet music booklet titled "Boogie Is My Beat". There are five layers of paper products (all upcycled) which make up the sign. The boogaloo hands and keyboard were from the cover page of the sheet music. 

Illustrations from the sheet music booklet promoting more boys playing piano and less t.v.dinners. Right?

Here is the table of contents from the "Boogie Is My Beat" sheet music booklet I used - hopefully these boogie-woogie beats will infuse the Northside with some "Mutiny on the Boogie"! 

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Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

Oh baby, you ROCK! What an awesome job!!!!!!!!