Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Making a Bridal Fascinator: Putting It Together

Cleaning and repairing 1940's era floral corsage spray. The flowers and leaves shown here are colored nylon stretched over wire. The single cream chrysanthemum shown below is a beautiful antique white fabric.

Arranging and attaching the tea dyed feathers - individual and spray to the base I made from felt. I am using my hat maker's cloth mannequin head which items can be pinned to very easily.

Stiffening the felt base with Sobo craft glue, covering the wires in the feather spray with felt. The wire will allow for more control over how the spray lays, curvature and height.

Close-up of a tea dyed feather spray. I hand dyed the feathers last week and the turned out a lovely variegated cream color.

Trying on the partially completed fascinator to check how the feathers fall, how the flowers sit, etc. It will be attached to a ribbon covered headband when complete.


Christine said...

Brilliant AND beautiful. Well done!

Linzee said...

Oh, this is beautiful! So much work, too. And I love that they're called "fascinators."Fascinating!