Tuesday, May 24, 2011

GSpot Hair Design "Year of the Hair": Make-up Candids

NOTE: These candid snapshots were taken on-the-fly by Tonya TKO Kehoe for House of Glitter with her iPhone at the G-Spot "Year of the Hair" benefit show. Tonya did all of the high fashion, editorial make-up shown here, she did make-up on twenty plus models over ten hours! Hair art and wigs by JoAnn Larpenter-Sinclair of G-Spot Hair Design. Tonya asked me to do some light touch-ups (color-correction, exposure, etc) - within the limits of a very small photo file to showcase her make-up - finished snapshots are below:


Hitzy Blonde #TKO said...

you are so awesome - i love that you polished and posted these. i shall keep you in eucalyptus spritzer for life =)
I love how these look- I think that was one of the best makeup jobs I have ever been hired to do in my life. the models and the hair were both very inspiring! thank you x 1 mill for posting. XOXOXOXO

Hitzy Blonde #TKO said...

YOU are amazing and you are a dollycharmkinsface for polishing (small rough phone pix!) these for me and writing up such a lovely and generous post on your blog. Truly I do feel honored! I shall keep you in spritzer!
Looking through these reminds me of that great, amazing,and inspiring day. I think it was the best makeup gig I have ever had the pleasure of working...for reals!
You are the best.