Friday, July 18, 2008

Work It OUT!

I Hope I Win!
Originally uploaded by Heather Lucille
There was a nice turn-out for the Flood Relief Hair/Fashion Show folowed by the Physical Challenge Dance Party at The Picador. It was not a little unlike Shear Genius + America's Next Top Model + Project Runway and that was just the crowd. HEY-OH! The sandbag runway was a nice touch although the cinder block steps were not OSHA approved (In all fairness I stole that line from TK). All of the volunteers, epecially baby doll Rebecca "The Bean" did a top notch job on the event!

My photos of the runway didn't turn out so well but I have to say Sorayah's enhancing natural beauty and Nicky's art nouveau coifs were my personal faves.

See more of my photos from the event here:

Photo: My girl TK really wants the tattoo gift certificate raffle prize! Liz, TK and Todd await the announcement of the winner! (TK didn't win - last I saw she was applying Vaseline to her face and hiding a razor blade in her gums)

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