Sunday, July 10, 2011

ZIRIYA - A Social Fun Game of the Mind

From the original instruction pamphlet:


ZIRIYA is a social fun game of the mind.

ZIRIYA is a silent computer-like MESSAGE BOARD with a MESSAGE POINTER. When the pointer glides around the Board, it points out TELEGRAM-LIKE MESSAGES CONSISTING OF ONE OR SEVERAL KEY-WRODS, LETTERS, NUMBERS AND SYMBOLS. Sometimes full sentences are obtained. The Players and Observers concentrating co-coperatively create a Mental Energy State called the HUMAN BATTERY CIRCUIT, through which ZIRIYA operates. Playing Ziriya refelcts your state of mind and often reveals your own wishful thinking."

My observations:

  • Ziriya loves yelling.
  • Ziriya is a verb and a noun.
  • Ziriya may be H.A.L. + SKYNET + WOPR combined. (If you, dear reader, get all of those references I, give you a mental energy salute!)
  • Ziriya uses our souls for energy.
  • Ziriya was most likely invented by H.P. Lovecraft
  • Ziriya is self aware.
  • Ziriya likes red pistachios.

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davidinclarksville said...

Everything you have said and more. I just wish mine hadnt gotten stolen 10 years ago. Was my edge.