Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7-4-11: America's Birthday Presents To Me

One complete and one partial set of wooden type - best buy of the day @ $30 for a filthy old, moldy, musty shoe box full. I wasn't sure if there was a full set when I bought it, but I was elated to uncover this woody gem! This is the Holy Grail of finds! I am stoked to use these in my little tabletop press.

Art Nouveau gold locket with bat motif on front and tattered photo of young girl inside. BATS!!! I am sure there is a  symbolic meaning in the bat image - most likely longevity or good luck as in Eastern culture (Art Nouveau artists borrowed liberally from Japanese artists). Look at the sweet, little bats with their wide crotches and stick legs - how could I resist? 

Isn't it about time a had my own vintage rhinestone tiara? I admit that I tend to Queen around a little tidbit at times. This sweet, sweet baby shines like the night sky and may have caused a few cases of whiplash as I swanned around in it. Richard Burton's ghost came to me in a waking dream, called me "Liz" and served me an ice cold martini with three blue cheese stuffed olives.

Cut beads of turquoise on string for an as of yet undecided jewelry making project. Note: the vendor selling these had one of those terribly thick Southern accents that I absolutely cannot understand. He must have thought I was simple as I was using my digits sign language style to discern the price he quoted from his mush mouth. He MAY have been one of those swamp people you here tell about.

A little fourth of July shoegazing with a very special pedicure from Secret Nails (Shhhh!) - there are little hibiscus flowers on my big toes! I have developed a new love for nail art!

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