Saturday, February 5, 2011

2-5-11: Heartfelt Handmade Inspiration

Handmade valentine cards from my small, dear personal collection. Some of them were rescued from the rubbish bin, some were purchased at second-hand stores.
Crushed Christmas ribbon time pressed bow.

A valentine to or from a ghost?

Awkward but determined penmanship in fancy white ink.

From Brad. Brad was efficient yet impersonal.

Embellished store-bought card - all you need is red construction paper and a white paper doily and some paste.

Trying so hard to be delicate heart and snowflake doily paper work.

Enhancements with construction paper, doilies and stickers to a kitten lover.

To My Love. This one is my very most favorite and treasured valentine. I wish I knew the story behind it.

Liberal use of seals and paste. The more hearts there are the more love you give.

Red and white, polka dots and paper lace, Dennison seals. 

To make a perfect banner display look at second hand shops for the old gimme advertising freebies that contained mini lingerie laundry lines. They contain two hooks with a  cotton line and itty bitty plastic clothespins in assorted colors.


Julie said...

That ghost valentine is fantastic!

Heather Lucille said...

It's my all-time fave, Julie! :) Thank you for your comment!