Monday, September 22, 2008

Vegan Nom Nom: Caribbean Rice 'n' Beans + Avocado/Tomato Salad

Another successful vegan meal from Linda McCarthy's "On Tour" cookbook. This evening I made Caribbean Rice 'n' Beans and a avocado/tomato salad with classic vinaigrette. My meat-chawing hubby really liked this dish and I really liked that it was easy and used only one pot. I did substitute lite coconut milk and used lime in the vinaigrette (as suggested by the author).
Rice 'n' Beans
Rice 'n' Beans
serves 4
1 medium onion, chopped finely
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 pound vegetarian burgers, cubed
1 small chili pepper, trimmed and seeded
3 tomatoes, chopped small
2 1/2 cups coconut milk
1 1/2 cups long grain rice
1 cup canned black-eyed peas or kidney beans, drained
sea salt and pepper to taste
In a large saucepan, saute the onion in the olive oil, then add the burger cubes and toss until they are lightly browned.
Add the remaining ingredients, except the beans, and stir well. Bring to a boil. Cover and simmer for ten minutes. Stir in the beans and cook for a further ten minutes until the rice is tender, adding water if necessary. Season to taste.
Avocado and Tomato Salad with Classic Vinaigrette
Classic Vinaigrette
serves 4

1-2 teaspoons fine or grainy mustard
2 tablespoons fresh lemon or lime juice, or 2 tablespoons wine, balsamic or cider vinegar
6 tablespoons olive oil
crushed garlic to taste (optional)
sea salt and black pepper to taste

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