Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vegan Nom Nom: The Red Avocado

Yesterday Stevie and I enjoyed a delicious, liesurely, outdoor vegan lunch at The Red Avocado. We entertained ourselves watching the pudgy chipmunk ransack the patio for food and imagaining what sort of fart noises a chipmunk stuffed with black beans would make.
I had the wonderful Veggieburger Deluxe and a cup of Coconut Corn Soup - the intoxicating smell of which almost sent me into fits. Stevie's Revolutionary Reuben sandwich passed his stringent carnivore test - a test very few vegan dishes pass! I hope we can return soon and try out the dinner menu!

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Mike said...

looks yummy...i am a vegetarian and that can be hard enough sometimes where i live - admire dedication of vegans