Monday, August 29, 2011

8-27-11: OCCRG "Roll Out: Snapshots of GMDG Glitter Tattoos

Sometimes you just have to get dirty and do an Olde English faux glitter tattoo of your Boo's initials on your chest. (I made this stencil custom.)

Tonya TKO loves a photo bomb! Esp when it involves shamrocks!

Wild Irish Rose's with ombre shamrock glitter tatts and custom TKO stencil in Olde English - with gold and copper glitter.

Our exclusive top hand model shows a peace sign design. Pure talent.

Trio of hotti-go-potties ready fo a fun girl's night out!

How badly do you want one of the glitter tatts?

You know he's a REAL man if he allows a pink and purple dolphn sparkle pretty on his neck!

He's HARD. (as in hardened thug - not the other kind...)

Don't be skeered! It doesn't hurt!

SMOOCHIE lips on cleavage!

Wild Irish Rose shamrockin' it out!

TKO - Technical Knock OUT!

My false eyelashes look good and work well as glue dryers. *PLINK! PLINK!*

Shading a unicorn plus stars fit for a Duke is no trouble for TKO, glitter master.

SJM and I!

Pretty ladies deserve pretty, sparkly glitter tattoos!


That is one bad ass unicorn!

Pretty lady with her pretty Hawaiin rose tattoo.

Big D's sunch gets all tingly when he's around glitter.

"SJM" cleavage, y'all!

Knoxxxy Brown knows how ro rock out with her double seahorses out!

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