Tuesday, April 5, 2011

George's Letters: 2-25-1943

Dear George,

   Since there is a lull in our work right now and the Navy Insp. doesn't need his pen, I'll try and get a few lines written to you.
   How have you been? Fine, I hope! Me, well, since I got over my spell of the flu, I have been rather tired but feel real good. The nurse told me that I had "(illegible word)-Malaria fever". That is, I eat well, sleep well, but I'm too darned lazy to work. Ha! Ha! Now you know what is wrong with you! No kidding, I honestly believe I'm getting spring fever. We have had a lot of nice sunshiny days with mud and everything else mixed in with it and most of the ice and snow is gone, but the ice on the river hasn't started to go out yet or even to break up.
   Well, I'm back again. I had to get up and go talk to one of the guards. He sure is cute. Red-headed, freckles and brown eyes. About 6 ft tall and not over 21 if he is even that old. Now don't get any ideas! Jim Barnett by name. Do you know him?
   Gee, this place sure is a mess. They are moving the whole plant around and maybe by next X-mas they will be all settled. Our department will either be moved out the back door or up in the front offices. Ha! Ha! They even have to rewire the joint from one end to the other. Now they are building some more bullpens for some of the big bosses. Well, I've got to go upstairs and wash my hands for lunch, then come down and buy my lunch before the crowd gets there.
   Well, lunch is over and I'm back again. Everything is quiet out here right now. We still haven't any work to do.
   Darlene and I went up to hear Ray Pearls last night and boy was he ever good. He sounded just like Guy Lombardo. His music was very smooth, even their arrangement of "Woodchopper's Ball". There was really a very good crowd up there and even some extra men. I didn't think there was that many men left in town or even the state of Iowa but I guess there is.
   This big city of ours was invaded by 400 army air corps cadets last Tuesday afternoon so now maybe we will have somebody to dance with on Saturday and Sunday nights. Of course, that is as far as it goes with me because I don't give two hoots about having any of them on my trail all the time, and besides they are nothing but a bunch of young kids.
   Mom is on her sixth week in the hospital. She should be home sometime next week if nothing happens.
   I got me a beautiful tan and brown slack suit the other night and do I ever like it. It is real cute. I'm going to have seven or eight more made just like it only different colors to wear to work. I just had a whole mess of clothes cleaned so I guess I'll wear slacks for awhile. Then too they are so much more comfortable than dresses or skirts of any sort and really look a lot nicer on girls. I'm going to wear them all the time this summer. They are as cheap as dresses so why not. I'm going to make me another suit for Easter. It is just as cheap to make it as it is to buy it so why not. Boy, will I be dressed up. Ha! Ha! I'll have to have my pictures taken in all my new clothes so you can see what I look like. Ha! Ha! You wouldn't even know me, as if you want to?!
   Gee, I wish you could be home with me for a little while anyway. No kidding, George, there are times when I get so blue and brokenhearted I could just kill myself; but then I suppose I shouldn't get that way, but I can't help it any. Every thing has happened in such a hurry and has come all at once, that I don't even know where I'm at or where I stand. Gee whiz, I shouldn't write things like that should I? I'm just plain crazy, I guess! I've got to end this and only pray for the day when you get to come home for a few minutes as least.

Good-bye for now,
Lots of Love,

P.S. Write honey when you can. I'll understand if it is a long time between letters.

Love and Kisses,

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Jill said...

My grandpa used to love "Woodchopper's Ball"!