Sunday, May 2, 2010

garage sale score: vintage analog cameras

kodak trimprint 940 instant camera with electronic flash (1984)-original box with instructions, market research survey and personalization stickers

hawkeye flash outfit in original box including brownie hawkeye camera, flash, three flash bulbs also a brown leather brownie field case

bell & howell optronic eye super eight autoload

polaroid impulse qps instant film camera

polaroid colorpack II land camera (1970) - original box (poor condition), "meet the colorpack II" instruction manual, "polaroid polacolor type 108 land film pack instructions" pamphlet, enlargement order form, one polacolor print mount

polaroid swinger model 20 land camera with wrist strap

polaroid model 420 land camera - in black case, polaroid focused flash, 2 flashbulbs, assorted pamphlets

kodak instamatic m7 movie camera - in original carrying case with instruction manual

rca ckc 020 movie camera - in camera case with extra straps

one sunpak thyristor autozoom 600 in original box with instructions

eveready case for kodak instamatic and other 126 cameras in original box, black leather

*all of the items shown above will be offered for resale to good homes. contact me if you are interested!
(yes, i kept some goodies for myself: one roll of brownie film, brownie flash cubes, brownie instructional pamphlet and one polaroid instant camera)

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deb said...

what are you asking for the brownie?