Monday, April 12, 2010

The Re:Collective Show

The Re:Collective invites you
to see their recent work at
White Rabbit
109 South Linn Street
Iowa City
Friday, April 16th

Artists will be there from 4-6 pm

The Re:Collective

Accumulation occurs with little order. Then one day an unconscious triage occurs. The objects with rounded edges roll to the side,the ones with corners can be stacked. Primary colors are placed on the sill; darker shades end up in a drawer. Wide eyes group together and enlarge their stare. The idea behind each object shimmers when you pick it up, then disappears beneath its skin.

Objects outlive us. The Re:Collective gathers things remaindered and forlorn and arrange them in a temporary home, They are offered to you with ongoing and amused love.

For more information or to be come a (free) Re:Member, contact

(images courtesy of debra pugh)

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