Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Easy Cake Plate

If you grew up in the 1970's your mom probably used this neat, cost effective little trick for making a cake plate. I recently created one when a birthday cake was too big for any of my fancy platters. It worked like a charm and created nostalgia among the party guests.

Supplies: cardboard, cutting implement, aluminium foil, tape, cake
Step 1: Cut the cardboard into desired size and shape
Step 2: Neatly wrap the cardboard in aluminum foil thereby making it fancy and shiny (and therefore good)
Step 3: Tape the aluminum foil at seams
Step 4: Put cake on top!
Hint: Always carry your cadboard cake display firmly supported from underneath unless you want to be eating floor dessert.

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Jill said...

mmmmm...floor dessert....