Saturday, February 14, 2009

E-Z Valentine Postcard: Conversating Hearts

Instructions for making:
Classic convo hearts themed E-Z Valentine postcards

You'll Need:
Scissors and/or X-Acto knife
Ruler (metal works best)
Paper glue
Red ink pad
Alphabet rubber stamps
Colored paper
Mat board
Pack of conversation hearts for inspiration and sustenance

For Extra Flair:
Assorted rubber stamps
Collage elements
Your hands

1. Make a heart template sized to fit within the dimensions of a standard postcard. Cut out desired number of hearts from colored paper - preferably in pastel conversation heart colors. Refer to actual conversation hearts as needed.

2. Using red ink and alphabet stamps - accent hearts with various phrases making liberal use of puns and wordplay. Be as trad or as raunchy as you wish depending upon the recipient. Again, refer to hard copy convo hearts as needed.

3. Cut postcards out of mat board.

4. Glue hearts onto mat board. (Product recommendation: YES! Paste. I cannot speak to the taste, but it works like a dream on paper craft projects)

5. Optional: Blingee your postcard with stickers, stamps, photos, etc.
6. Address on opposite side and mail or give in person! (Not illustrated)

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Kristin Olivier said...

Wow! I did a simple version of these years ago for my preschoolers. I stamped a single adjective describing a favorite part of their personality (yes, I honestly came up with something nice to say about everybody!). I loved the project, but got no feedback on it. :-(